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Megachile female (lateral) copy
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We are looking for the Sculptured Resin Bee.

The Sculptured Resin Bee is Europe's first introduced wild bee and it is spreading rapidly. But what is the impact of the introduced bee on the native flora and fauna? Support our research by reporting your findings.

What happens with your data?


You will get direct feedback from us on your observation.

Distribution map

Your data will be displayed anonymously on our distribution map.


Your report is an essential part of our scientific studies.

More eyes see more with Citizen Science

We have developed BeeRadar to find the Sculptured Resin Bee together with interested participants. Together, we are creating knowledge about the introduced bee from East Asia. We investigate the spread and behaviour of the Sculptured Resin Bee to assess its impact on native biodiversity.

Do you have any questions about the project, your participation or data protection? We have answered the most frequently asked questions for you under "Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ". You can also leave us a message with your question


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